I first started “side-hustling” in 2015. I had a full time job but in my spare hours (lunch times, evenings, weekends), I would be doing work for clients. Why? Well, at first it was nice earning a bit of extra money, but it became something else. I hoped it would eventually transition into trading in the full time job to work for myself. Which I now have, hurray! Deciding to take on extra work on top of the 30+ hours a week I was working already was not easy. The temptation when you work full time is to avoid doing anything… View Post

Guess what plum didn’t realise today is the last day of the month? THIS ONE. So, my monthly faves post is later in the day than the usual so soz about that (lol at the fact I just checked my last monthly faves post and the exact same thing happened at the end of August). Here’s my September highlights… started: working for myself! Yep, as of 18th, I became my own boss. I’m excited, scared and exhausted which is a fun combo to be around. As of tomorrow I’ll have started a new vlog series all about my life as… View Post

I have to admit, I don’t read anywhere near as many blogs as I should. I concentrate so much on putting content on here and sharing it that my reading list is actually pretty small. However, it does have some hella inspirational blogs written by hella inspirational people and so I thought I’d share five of the blogs I always turn to when I need a little bit of that sweet, sweet inspo. Rhianna Olivia One of these days Rhianna is going to start thinking that I might be a bit obsessed. But it’s purely because I think we are pretty alike… View Post

…And we’re back again for another edition of WIBW! mother! I knew nothing about this movie before seeing it except who was in it – I hadn’t even seen a trailer. Even if I had, I don’t think I would have been any less confused by the time the end credits had rolled. This film is strange, confusing and towards the end it gets very dark. It’s not an easy watch by any stretch but the performance from Jennifer Lawrence is absolutely incredible. Liam and I spent a good hour trying to dissect our thoughts on mother! after we saw it and… View Post

So if you’ve been checking out my blog/Twitter/Insta recently, you’ll know that I’m now officially a freelance copywriter! HURRAH! It’s something I’ve wanted to do for some time now and it feels good to say that it’s finally happening. It’s still scary (I was thinking of vlogging my first week as a freelancer but on the very first day I had a meltdown over something to do with tax), but I’m determined to make it work! Even the vlogging thing maybe, once I’m more settled and can potentially provide more value than me crying over working out a complicated contract.… View Post