Oh hey! As I type this (several days before posting because #organised), I’m a bowl of Cookie Crisp cereal down and feeling the sweet sweet relief that comes with throwing on your comfy joggers after a day at work. So what better time to share a cheeky little rambly blog post with you, right? Here goes… I’m not sure it’s ever been enough for me to be successful at one thing. I need to be successful at several things to actually feel like irl legit successful. Lately, I’ve been juggling several things, all of which I want to continually ace and improve at.… View Post

OMG IT’S AUGUST TOMORROW WHAT. I am in just a *slight* state of panic that December is creeping ever closer, which means not just Christmas stress, but also Liam’s 30th stress. I might need to rob a bank in August, lay low for a month and then start buying presents in September. But enough about how 2017 is speeding tf by, let’s chat great things about July! going to: an escape room. You guys, I thought I’d hate this but it was actually so much fun and I was surprisingly good at it. eating: a lot. We have been absolute… View Post

Hey gang! So anyone who follows me on Twitter will know that I’ve been attempting to launch my new services for bloggers for a few weeks, but then our internet went down. Boo! This meant I had a few bits to catch up on (and still do…) before I could properly “launch” these services…but here they are! Now it might seem like every blogger and their cat are starting to offer their skills to other bloggers, and this may be true, but if you ask me it can only be a good thing! However, I’d like to think that some… View Post

I totally didn’t realise that over a week ago I passed my 4 year anniversary of writing this lil ol’ blog. FOUR-FREAKIN-YEARS. It’s changed so, so much since then and I’d like to think that I now take the blog a lot more seriously than I did at the beginning. Whilst I don’t want to be a full time blogger for a living (part time and a little freelancing empire would be nice though tbh), I like seeing my blog develop, reach new audiences and just generally look more profesh than it did in 2013. That’s why I thought I’d… View Post

I’ve noticed recently that we’ve become really good at apologising for something that we don’t need to. My Twitter timeline and blog feed is filled with messages to readers saying sorry for not posting content when a blog lays dormant for a few days or weeks. Or if a new video hasn’t gone up on Youtube for a while. Or even if a new photo hasn’t gone up on Instagram for a day. But why? What have we got to be sorry for? For being busy or uninspired? For living our real lives, or simply needing to take a break?… View Post