There are two things that stand out as the phrases that people say to me most – and they’re both essentially the same. “Don’t worry” “Don’t overthink it” If there was an off switch, I’d definitely flick it. Something happened to me this week that some people could manage with the minimum of fuss or worry. I drove up a… View Post

There are quite a few things in my life right now that I’m unhappy with. They go beyond being unhappy with my body, or not feeling like I have enough time to blog properly as well as working full time and balancing projects. But as you read this, I can imagine you’re either thinking that these are first world problems… View Post

Y’know when you think back on your life? I guess most people would do it when they’re much older than 27. I spend a fair amount of time overthinking about things that have happened in the past. There are definitely a number of things that I either thought were a mistake at the time or still think as mistakes now,… View Post

It almost feels controversial to have an opinion about your body that isn’t a positive one now. It’s amazing that body positivity is steadily being promoted in a more realistic and polarising way. But what if you aren’t particularly positive about your body? What if you think it needs work, on the inside and (or) the outside? Nike introduced a… View Post

I write this post with a dash of irony. I haven’t been as self-motivated as I should have been recently when it comes to creating content for this here blog. I’ve been tired, a lot, and didn’t really feel like blogging so tried to avoid forcing myself to do it. But now, I’m sat here on my bed in my… View Post