You know what I hate? Moving house. It should be exciting, like a new chapter in your life and all that other motivational crap but actually, moving house in reality is supposedly the most stressful thing to do. I’m not sure about most stressful because learning how to drive probably takes my top spot, but it could well be a close second.… View Post

Colour me surprised when I found out that a shelfie is an actual thing. I was less surprised however to see that all the “shelfies” I discovered were Pinterest-friendly white, neutral and not particularly exciting. Don’t get me wrong, they’re perfect if you’re an interiors nut that wants their home to not look lived in. But I thought I’d shed… View Post

Let’s face it. We’re all hella nosy and want to know how other bloggers do their thang at their blogging desk/lap/wherever the hell you love to blog. This is also an excuse to show off my new hashtag light which I am totally in love with which I got from Chic Creek. When I moved back to my parents house… View Post