Salads are underrated, I feel. Often I’ll underrate them, too. But when I’ve got the hankering for a more colourful and healthy lunch, salad is the one and only. In an attempt to be more organised (and healthy, of course), I recently bought some ingredients to make a tasty Greek salad, and a few extra bits to invent something a… View Post

Y’know when you have a hankering for specific food to break the mould of the staple few restaurants you usually choose from for a weekend lunch? That happened last weekend when me and Liam took a trip into Chichester. We usually opt for GBK or Nandos, because we classy af. However, for a little variety this time we decided to… View Post

It may not be fancy, but I love a bit of Nandos. Admittedly we did go so much that I got a bit sick of it, but when Liam made himself dinner with the Coat and Cook medium sauce at the weekend, I was inspired to use the leftovers for lunch the next day to make a banging salad for… View Post

By far, the best savoury duo of flavours is the humble chicken and chorizo combo. Don’t fight me on this because I’m right. They just go perfectly together like Jim and Pam from The Office or Brienne and Tormund from Game of Thrones. It’s fate, you guys. So on Sunday evening when I needed a light dinner after a pretty… View Post

CONFESSION TIME. These photos are not great. I’m going to blame the lighting, but it’s probably mostly my fault that I just wanted a couple of quick snaps before stuffing my face with pulled pork. Can you blame me? Anyway, last week me and Liam took a trip to London to do some comic book shopping at Forbidden Planet and… View Post