We’ve lived in Chichester for quite a few months now, but we only ventured to our local Mexican restaurant, Muchos Nachos, fairly recently. We knew it was there (there being about 5 minutes walk from where we live!), but it took us a while to muster the courage to try somewhere new. Muchos Nachos is based in the Whyke part… View Post

Guys. I can’t fit into my jeans properly any more. I kid you not, I had to unbutton one of my pairs of jeans whilst sat at my desk at work because it was digging in. I also have to unbutton the top button on my PJ bottoms. It has got real bad. I think (I know) that the reason… View Post

If you enjoyed my recent easy peasy tortilla recipe, then you’ll bladdy love the healthy breakfast recipe I’ve got for you today. A little while back, a colleague brought in some ‘egg muffins’ for us all to try. They sound a bit crap on paper, but pick the right ingredients to go with them and you’re in for a delicious… View Post

You know what I love? FOOD. Especially homemade food that is stupidly easy to make because you can have that smug satisfaction that you made it yourself, but you also didn’t waste too much of your life doing it. Am I right? More time for eating and Netflix. If you’re thinking rn “WOW SHE’S SO RIGHT AND RELATABLE!”, you’ll love… View Post

A little while back, on a weekend trip into Chichester, I noticed that a Wahaca was on its way. I only knew of Wahaca from a few mentions of it within the blogging community. I’d never been myself, but everything I heard was positive. So, on Saturday (I think around a week after it had opened), we decided to go… View Post