WIBW is a semi-regular series where I post short spoiler-free reviews of the movies I’ve seen recently at the cinema, as well as share my expectations for upcoming viewings. Live By Night It’s a shame to start this instalment of “What I’ve Been Watching” with a negative review, but unfortunately I must. I love Ben Affleck, I think he’s great… View Post

Oh hey gang – welcome to my second What I’ve Been Watching post where I share snappy mini reviews of the films I’ve seen at the cinema lately with my blessed Unlimited card. If you’re a movie fan, snatch one up ASAP. Yes, they are expensive but you basically only need to see like 3 films a month or something… View Post

Ever since getting a Cineworld Unlimited card for my birthday, I’ve been on a few cinema trips (including exclusive screenings for Unlimited card holders), so I thought it would be good to start sharing my thoughts on the films I’ve seen in one handy succinct post. I’m going to turn this into a bit of a series for you guys… View Post

OH HEY! So, I don’t know if you’ve heard about a lil ol’ movie called Suicide Squad? Well, it came out at the cinema on Friday and me and Liam thought “why not?” (OK, we booked our tickets a few weeks ago but shush). I’ve been looking forward to this movie for a little while now, although I’ll admit that… View Post

There’s few things I enjoy more when I get home from work than changing into my PJs, taking off all my makeup, slathering my face in night cream and getting my Netflix on. Don’t be jealous of my rock and roll lifestyle. I honestly feel like Netflix is the best thing since the invention of steak and cheese Subways. They… View Post