Yup, WIBW is back once again! This blog series is all about the movies I’ve been watching lately at my local Cineworld. I share mini spoiler-free reviews so you can decide if you fancy checking out the latest films. Let’s jump right into it! Snatched I have to open this by saying I’m not really an Amy Schumer fan, but… View Post

Welcome back to WIBW, where I share mini spoiler-free reviews of the films I’ve seen recently at the cinema. I also pick a handful of films I’m planning to see next and guesstimate how I will rate them! So, what movies have I been using my Cineworld Unlimited card on lately? Mindhorn I hadn’t really heard about Mindhorn, until we… View Post

Welcome back to another instalment of What I’ve Been Watching, a series of mini-reviews of films I’ve seen recently at the cinema! My Cineworld card (a gift from Liam for my birthday last year) has been a godsend in making sure I get to see the latest movies, and share my thoughts with you here! Going In Style This movie… View Post

Hey gang! Welcome back to WIBW, a series where I share mini-reviews of my recent cinema watches. I also choose a film or two that I am most looking forward to seeing soon and share my initial impressions and expectations! Let’s crack on… Get Out I had been looking forward to Get Out for a while, after seeing the trailer… View Post

Oh wow. It’s been a while since I did my last roundup of recent cinema viewings, and so this instalment is a bumper edition! I’m not even sure all of these movies are still showing at the cinema…sorry about that! So we’ll start with what I’ve seen since the last post, then share a few of the films I’m looking… View Post