Anyone who has been reading my blog for a while or happens to be lucky enough to know me IRL will know that over the past year or so I have become somewhat of a comic book fan. Yeah I know. I couldn’t get any cooler tbh. It started out with trade paperbacks (these are the collected volumes) – but… View Post

Anyone who reads this here blog will know that I have fast become a bit of a comic book nerd. I spend more than I care to mention on graphic novels and comic related paraphernalia (HELLO EVER GROWING FUNKO COLLECTION), so needless to say, a day in which I can sample new comics for absolutely zero £’s, is a day… View Post

I’ve been reading comic books (well, graphic novels which collect comic book issues if we want to be pedantic) for a little while now, and have become a self-professed comic book nerd. Sure, I don’t know the Civil War storyline, and I definitely haven’t read as many comics as others likely have, but it’s a medium I’ve become increasingly passionate… View Post

On Easter Sunday, me and Liam popped into Chichester to go and visit our favourite shop – Comics Games & Coffee, aka CGC Emporium. It’s really what it says on the tin – a shop that sells comics, games and coffee. Whodda thunk it? CGC first opened a few months ago, and fast became a reason for regular visits into… View Post

I’ve been beating the “adult colouring books” drum for a little while now, along with almost every blogger on the planet. We just bloody love ’em. But whilst most are likely colouring in woodland animals and Harry Potter characters, I damn near lost my mind when I found a Deadpool colouring book! It’s awesome. Just FYI, the Harry Potter book… View Post