It’s been a little while since a book review has graced the blog! I actually finished reading this a little while ago, and didn’t get round to cobbling together my thoughts on it, but here they are! Mr Mercedes is essentially about the relationship between an ex-cop and the killer “who got away” in his last case before the cop… View Post

The ‘Self Help’ section of Waterstones is one that is often pretty empty. There’s rarely a single soul cautiously flicking through the pages of a book that promises to change their life (and this is coming from someone who worked at Waterstones for a little while a few years ago). All this changed some time ago when myself and a… View Post

A few months ago I finished reading Amy Poehler’s autobiography, “Yes Please”, and absolutely loved it. I always knew she’s a funny lady, but I wasn’t sure I’d enjoy the book as I was pretty meh about Tina Fey’s “Bossypants”, despite feeling that Tina Fey might just be my spirit animal. One of the things I absolutely loved about “Yes… View Post

Some of you may already be aware of Becky’s great Becky Reads Company posts. I absolutely adore them, as like her I also generally enjoy Company magazine, but they do make some dreadful content sometimes. It occasionally feels like style over substance, or that the editor has taken some holiday just before deadline. But one magazine that I have read… View Post

Anyone who follows me on Twitter will likely know that I’ve been running out of steam a bit recently. What with the move, with work, and a recent bout of the lurgy, I haven’t given my blog the attention it deserves. Sure, it hasn’t gone too long without a new post, but I doubt I’m the only blogger that suffers… View Post