Us bloggers, we do contradict ourselves sometimes. One minute we are preaching about how numbers don’t matter, and the next we’re refreshing our Google Analytics data because we had a new blog post go live and we can’t wait to see how many people have gone to read it. The fact is, for a lot of bloggers, the numbers will… View Post

Recently on Twitter, I put out a Google form survey asking bloggers to anonymously post the topics that they wish they knew more about. It’s still live if you fancy adding any topics yourself (*click here*). I’ll keep it open and try my best to create a handy post to answer your queries! The very first answer that I got… View Post

I recently mentioned in my monthly favourites post for last month that I was feeling proud of the content I produce here. Well, you might say that you should always be proud of any content you put together. But sometimes, you’re not. Sometimes you look back at it a week later and think “could I have done better?” or even worse, “another blogger… View Post

Hi gang! A few days ago I got yet another of those awful emails from so-called PRs. You know the type. The ones who clearly haven’t read your blog and instead have conducted some sort of misinformed keyword search in order to determine if their piece of crap content would be a “good fit” to share on your blog, before… View Post

Hi, how’s it going? I hear you have a campaign coming up and you need to find some influencers online to help spread the word. Good plan – nowadays people are choosing blogs and Instagram over magazines and Youtube over TV. I think you’ve made a smart choice. I’ve got some advice for you though. When you’re putting together your… View Post