Shit. I’ve been an actual functioning adult for ten years. A whole decade. How has this happened? Yep, happy birthday to me! Today I turn twenty eight and I will likely be celebrating by window shopping and eating cake. So not dissimilar to a typical weekend really. But y’know, with the added sense of dread that I am getting older and one day I won’t understand the latest technology and will have to ask someone younger than me how to use my iPhone. But at least there will be PRESENTS! Twenty eight doesn’t feel like a particularly standout age. Maybe that’s because… View Post

There’s something enjoyable about being totally, unashamedly voyeuristic when getting a glimpse into how other people go about their lives isn’t there? I’ve recently discovered a few “day in the life” type blog posts and I am all about them tbh. Whether it’s a travel diary or simply a run through of an average day in the life of the writer, I love it. So, I narcissistically decided to do my own one about what I do as a freelancer and how I balance that with blogging. As a freelancer, every day is usually pretty different but this encompasses the… View Post

BLOODY HELL I ALMOST FORGOT IT WAS THE END OF THE MONTH *AGAIN*. The months are going WAY too fast and need to calm tf down. I even scheduled a different blog post to go live today and then was hit with the fact it’s Halloween today which also means its the last day of October. Numpty. Happy Halloween anyway – I plan on spending the evening ignoring the doorbell and eating all the Haribo myself. Anyway, shall we crack on with the things that made October optimistic? working: on my business. So the end of October marks my first… View Post

For as long as I can remember, I’ve told people that I blog. Whether its friends, family, colleagues, a potential employer or just an acquaintance – chances are pretty good that I’ll mention my blog at some point. That’s not to say that I go around trying to get people to visit it. It’s to say that blogging will often come up because it feels like an extension of me. It’s my longest standing hobby, and it’s something I feel I couldn’t be without for too long. Even though I blog about topics such as my therapy sessions, feelings of… View Post

OK, so sue me for the clickbaity title but it CLEARLY worked…amirite? I’m right. I’ve never been down with the kids and focused too much on the trendy products that are hip on the scene (on that note: what even is a Glossier? Is it pronounced like something that is more glossy, or does it have a fancy accent?). This product is not something that will be flooding your insta feeds any time soon cos it’s not glam and happenin’ but HOT DAMN it’s an amazing product if like me you get the sexy issue of occasional spots that don’t… View Post