What Blogging Has Taught Me About Myself

I’ve been blogging for bloody ages. Much longer in fact than this blog has existed. I had a couple of blogs before this one that totally sucked because they were too specific, so when I landed on the idea behind more about cat, I was on to a winner if you ask me.

Anyway, as someone who would happily describe themselves as a blogger to other human beings that don’t blog, I was thinking recently about what blogging has actually taught me about myself. Let’s face it, any hobby that you lovelovelove is going to be a big part of who you are, and in many ways mould who you are as a person.

So what has blogging taught me about myself?

How I best express myself…

From a young age, I wanted to be a writer. I think I’ve known for a long, long time that writing is my favourite and most coherent way of expressing myself. When I talk, I tend to ramble and speak in circles. I get forgetful about what I’ve said already and end up repeating myself.

In writing, I can plan and look back at what I’m saying to avoid that. I make stronger, firmer points in what I type than any argument or statement that would ever spill out of my mouth. Despite that though, I still like to keep my writing, particularly on my blog, as organic and conversational as possible.

Getting words out into a blog post also helps me to understand what the flip is going on in my head which is always helpful.

To use my skills as a hobby, and my hobby to improve my skills…

Let me explain. I have worked in digital marketing since I graduated in 2011 (in fact, I had a brief stint working for a startup while still studying), and with those years of learning I have managed to utilise those skills in creating and maintaining a blog to be proud of.

On the flip side, having a blog and playing around on WordPress has also fed back into my career too. I’ve developed my SEO know-how, best practice in user experience and general content creation knowledge all from this little space on t’internet.

That you can be creative, without being artistic…

Growing up, I always envied my brother for “inheriting” the artistic flair from my mum. They are both really good at art and honestly I once drew a cartoon picture of a dinosaur and was so damn proud of myself. It wasn’t even that good. It looked a bit like the one from The Good Dinosaur but only if you closed one eye and squinted with the other.

Through blogging, I’ve learned that writing can also be creative even in this format where I’m just typing what I think as I think it. Not everyone can do this.

Blogging has made me love helping others…

So I wasn’t exactly selfish before I started blogging (most of the time anyway), but as I’ve grown my blog over the years I get the most satisfaction out of the sorts of comments and tweets I get telling me how useful my post has been. Even if its utter bullshit, I’m taking it.

It’s not just the gratification that I do it for though – I genuinely enjoy it. Some of my longer blog tips posts take AGES but I always feel so proud of that content when it’s done.

I have no need to hide…

Putting yourself “out there” online is no mean feat. It does take courage and a slightly devil-may-care attitude. Blogging gives me an outlet to talk about what I want, when I want and how I want and rather than that being a scary thing it’s well and truly become a blessing.

Along with my therapy, I attribute my blog to being a great way in which to share my thoughts, feelings, trials and tribulations. In therapy, they help me to understand and overcome them and on my blog I am able to contribute my experiences for others to relate to as well.

Oh bloggy ol’ pal, let’s stay together forever <3.



  1. November 24, 2017 / 11:55 am

    I love this! I’ve always been jealous of people who can draw/paint/illustrate etc, and it never really occurred to me that by writing I am a creative. So thank you for turning me on to that kind of thinking. I love my blog, it’s taught me so much, given me so many new skills and it definitely has helped my mental health.

    • Cat
      November 24, 2017 / 11:25 pm

      Yay! I’m glad you have jumped on board this thinking too and I also feel exactly the same way about my blog – it’s like it’s own type of therapy!

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