Santorini Chichester Review

Santorini Chichester Greek Restaurant review

Santorini Chichester Greek food starter

I love Greek food. There’s something about the way the meat is cooked, and the tasty extras that I’m all about. So, when I found out about Santorini Chichester, I was keen to give it a go. It’s a teeny tiny restaurant near the train station, and only a few months ago it popped up after the Turkish restaurant that used to be there mysteriously disappeared.

I dragged Liam along with me on Saturday to see what it was like, eager to get my tzatziki on. Daaamn I love tzatziki.

When you walk into Santorini Chichester, the first thing you notice is how small it is. There were only six tables, which was actually quite nice as it meant the restaurant was quiet and not too cramped. There’s authentic Greek music playing and some nice decor. Despite it being small, with only one big window at the front, it did feel nice and bright.

The menu at Santorini Chichester isn’t particularly expansive, but there’s a good selection of starters and mains to choose from. For starters, we decided to get a mixed hot plate, which consisted of calamari, falafel, filo pastry, grilled haloumi and keftedakia (lamb kebabs). The highlight by far was the lamb kebab, which tasted extra immense dipped into the mountain of tzatziki I ordered for myself. You also get some delicious pitta, dips and olives to fill up on before your starters arrive.

Next up, it was time to load up on meat. Liam ordered the Santorini special, which was a mixture of chargrilled meats with rice and salad. Although it was nice, there wasn’t really any difference in taste between the meats and without any sort of sauce, the dish was a bit dry. I had a similar problem with my lamb souvlaki – although the lamb was cooked beautifully, it all became a bit too samey. I’d also filled up on bread, so the struggle to get through it all was very real.

The bill came to just over £40, which was definitely reasonable for the amount of food you get and the quality of the meat on the plate.

Although overall I enjoyed the meal, and the service was great, I’m not sure we’d go back to Santorini Chichester again. Y’know when you feel like you’ve “done it”, and there’s not really much point in going back because the food wasn’t quite good enough to long for another taste? Yeah, that.

Santorini Chichester charcoal Lamb dish

Santorini Chichester Greek salad side


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