A Wintery Walk

wintery walk

I am #blessed to work in the adorable market town of Midhurst. Have you heard of it? It’s kind of nearish to Chichester and it’s full of independent shops, including one which exclusively sells wicker baskets.

But other than being twee AF, it’s also situated slap bang in the middle of the South Downs which makes my commute the absolute one because I get to drive along the A283 which is surrounded by beautiful scenery. If I arrive at work early enough (which I usually do because I’m all about that avoiding-traffic-by-leaving-early life), I can park up and go for a stroll up to the Cowdray ruins – and that’s exactly what I chose to do earlier in the week.

It was one of those wintery mornings where every fleck of grass had frosted tips like a 90’s popstar. The puddles were frozen over, and the air was bitterly cold. Usually, I would retreat to Costa for a latte before work, but that day I just knew my winter walk was exactly what I needed.

winter walk 2

My wintery walk only lasted about 10 minutes, but felt infinitely refreshed and more awake – but maybe that’s because I was freezing through. Note to self: it’s definitely the time of year for a cosy hat as well as the scarf and gloves. Plus, maybe pop on a pair of tights under those jeans and consider two pairs of socks as a minimum.

Don’t you think that going for a walk to clear the cobwebs is heavenly? I found that I didn’t lag in the afternoon like I sometimes do, and I’m thinking of also adding a lunchtime walk to my routine, and make the morning walk a regular thing. Unless it’s raining because sod that tbh.

If you can get out into nature before or after work, or during your lunch break I definitely recommend it! It gave me the chance to just clear my mind and also feel like I’ve actually done a bit of exercise instead of going from driving, to a desk, and back to driving again.


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