Five Reasons To Go To Shocktober Fest Next Year

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OH HEY GUYS. How’s it going? I’m back!

You may have noticed I’ve made a few *subtle* changes to my blog design, so I hope you like. If you notice anything looks weird, let me know because I may have broken something in the process of making a few tweaks.

Anyway, recently I went along to Tulley’s Farm in Crawley to their Shocktober Fest event which goes on throughout the month of October. We went along on the Saturday before Halloween, and it was our first time going to anything like it!

If you’re not sure what Shocktober Fest is, it’s basically like a theme park with “haunts” (attractions with live actors scaring the bejesus out of you), as well as a few rides, food and live entertainment.

I’ll be honest, I was dreading it. I wasn’t sure about the idea of actors getting up in my face trying (and likely succeeding) to scare me. It just didn’t seem like something I would enjoy.

BUT OH BOY, I WAS WRONG. I actually enjoyed it the most out of the three of us who went (me, my other half Liam and our friend Jack). They both got too scared after our third haunt where we got chased by people with chainsaws and I think they would’ve been quite happy to go home and hide under the bed after that experience.

I can’t really blame them as the chainsaws were damn scary and we definitely all ran out of that haunt screaming a little bit…

Instead of giving you a play by play of the night, I thought I’d share a few of the reasons you should visit Shocktober when it returns next year!

It’s genuinely scary

I feel like with these sorts of things that expectations are usually quite low. It’s not particularly difficult to scare me, but when you remember that the actors aren’t allowed to touch you, you’d think you would feel invincible against genuine fear.

lol nope.

Despite knowing that the people in the haunts are actors, it’s still creepy af and doesn’t make you feel any sense of calm because OMG THEY ARE GETTING RIGHT UP IN MY GRILL AND THEY HAVE A CHAINSAW.

Because the haunts are either really darkly lit, not lit at all, or have flashing lights to disorientate you, it allows the actors to suddenly appear out of nowhere and ask you if you want to play a game. This genuinely happened and my answer was “NO THANK YOU”. Hey, at least I was polite to the creepy demon woman. Manners costs nothing.

It’s also a lot of fun

Despite the screams and panic, Shocktober is a lot of fun. Much to Liam and Jack’s concern, I was grinning ear to ear after the scariest haunt.

It turns out that being scared can also be enjoyable…who knew? The haunts we went on ranged from a creepy cottage, the stomping grounds of a witches coven, a hillbilly Chop Shop garage and a haunted hayride around Horrorwood.

There’s loads to do

This year, there were 8 haunts to choose from, as well as a few fairground rides, tarot reading and face painting. There’s also street theatre and live music performances to keep you busy through the evening!

We arrived at opening time and were at the front of the queue to get in, and the first few haunts we went on had pretty short queue times. However, as the evening went on the queues got longer so it’s worth going to the more popular haunts early to get to the front!

The atmosphere was great

In general, the atmosphere was really good. There was a good mix of age groups, although you have to be over 12 to go to the evening event, with a separate kids event that runs during the day.

The only downside was that there were a couple of people on the last haunt that we went on that kept trying to heckle the actors and generally be a pain. But in all fairness, these people tend to get put in their place by the actors and were few and far between.

Even the food was good

What? I like food. I’m always surprised when the food is good at a large scale event. Especially when it isn’t horrendously expensive, too. I had some popcorn chicken and chips and it was legit better than KFC. Legit.

Shocktober Fest had a huge amount of choice of food too – including hog roast which seemed to be the most popular choice!

Have you, or would you go to Shocktober Fest? If you want to go next year, you can buy open dated tickets for October 2017 here.


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