Why You Should Go And See The Cursed Child Now

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OH HEY! LOOK! It’s me outside Palace Theatre last week when I saw Harry Potter and the Cursed Child parts one and two! I’m happier than I look, I swear. I just hate smiling in photos and posing in public and being near strangers. You’re lucky that even a smirk crept in there.

I’m not sure what I did to deserve the Harry Potter filled birthday celebrations I had this year. In addition to Cursed Child, me and Liam stayed in a Harry Potter themed room at a hotel in Central London and also went to the Warner Bros Studio Tour…but more on these at another time!

Today’s post is all about how much I adored Cursed Child. But don’t worry, it’s spoiler-free. #KeepTheSecrets.

Before seeing the play, I really didn’t know what to expect. I avoided buying and reading the book, as I didn’t see the point in reading the whole script before seeing the show. I still don’t. I think if I had read the story before seeing it, it would have spoilt it for me a bit.

But hey, each to their own.

As I knew very little about the story, other than it being set 19 years after the end of the books, I went in with no expectations at all. I hoped it would be good as we were committing over 5 hours of our time to it (not including the gap between the two parts), but I didn’t realise just how good it would be.

Without ruining it, the reasons I enjoyed it so much were simple: great storytelling, ACTUAL MAGIC, and fantastic actors.

Although the story isn’t perfect, it’s really enjoyable and entertaining nonetheless. It will make you incredibly nostalgic for the books, and remind you of what a wonderful universe it is to spend time in even now as an adult. There are funny parts, and sad parts (I cried twice, FYI), so be prepared for an emotional rollercoaster.

I can’t really say anymore about the ACTUAL MAGIC that you see, because you really do need to see it for yourself. The production is staged so, so well that it allows for some really impressive stuff to happen before your very eyes. I still don’t know how they managed some of it. It must be legit magic.

Speaking of the staging, I really loved the way that the sets were moved throughout the play – it can seem impossible to merge the task of moving set pieces on and off of the stage into the story itself, but they somehow managed to do it!

Finally, let’s talk about the actors. Particular highlights were Jamie Parker who plays Harry, and Poppy Miller as Ginny. Both truly were the ‘grown up’ versions of the characters we grew up with. Anthony Boyle also clearly had a lot of fun playing Scorpius who is a great addition to the HP universe!

My only criticism of the show is that I didn’t get on with all of the stylistic choices that were made in the production. I don’t really want to give any more away than that but there were moments that felt out of place and took a little longer to get used to. Still, it definitely didn’t spoil things at all.

If you can get tickets to see Cursed Child I highly recommend you get them right now this second. Or y’know, on Friday’s during their Friday Forty release!


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