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improve your blog

Keeping on top of your blog and making it the best it can be is hard. I know I haven’t really had the time to make this blog exactly what I’d like it to be, but there are some super easy ways to improve your blog which can make a big difference to how you feel about it when you’re going through one of those inevitable blogging slumps.

In a recent Blog Talk video, aptly titled ‘Improve Your Blog’, I shared five simple tips you can get started with right now to feel better about your blog. I’ve expanded on these points a little down below, but if you’d prefer to watch the video I’ve embedded it at the bottom of this post for you! Apologies in advance if this is the first video of mine you’re watching, my voice takes a little getting used to unless you love squeaky Disney voice.

Anywho, let’s get cracking with the tips.

Tip #1 – Use Google Analytics

OK, so a lot of the time, people don’t bother with GA as it can be quite time consuming. It really doesn’t have to be if you focus on the areas that are going to help you improve the most. Basically, use the Site Content report to see which posts are performing the best as this can help you to shape future post ideas.

Look at setting a date range of around 6 months to get a good feel for what content performs the best, and BAM new ideas.

Here’s a little post I did on using Google Analytics to achieve your blogging goals, which will talk you through the best sections to look at to improve your blog.

Tip #2 – Remove broken links

A little SEO tip for ya now – on a semi-regular basis (maybe every few months or so), run a check on your blog to see if it has any broken links. Broken links are most often found in your blog comments, but can also be found in posts. For example, if you’ve done a wishlist post and linked to a product, the brand may have removed that page and so the link will no longer work.

Instead of trawling through every post and checking all of the links work, you can use the Broken Link Checker which does the hard work for you, and will find every instance of a broken link and show you where it is so you can hunt it down and remove it.

The bad news is, if you use Blogger, it’s much harder to get comment links removed without just deleting the comment. You generally would have to contact the person to ask them to either remove the link or update it otherwise. On WordPress, you can do that yourself by editing the comment from your Dashboard.

Head to Talented Talkers to read a guide I wrote for them on broken links if you need any more info!

Tip #3 – Update image alt text

I’ve definitely mentioned alt text before in one (or several) of my blog tips videos and posts, but it’s an easy and quick win from an SEO perspective.

Image alt text is basically used to describe your image and is useful for screen readers but also for helping with your SEO.

Go back to posts, particularly recent and popular ones, and add appropriate alt text which describes the image, and where applicable also uses the keyword you want people to find your post from. Try your best moving forwards to remember to add alt text as you go, too!

Tip #4 – Find 3 blogs that you like

This is a fun one as someone who enjoys reading other people’s content (when I find time!). Find 3 blogs that you like and make a note of why you like them. Why do you keep going back?

Next, think about what you can personally do to improve your own blog and make it a site you would want to keep coming back to.

Tip #5 – Tidy things up

My final tip on how to improve your blog is to visit popular posts (again using Google Analytics to find those) and fix any formatting issues such as paragraphs, layout and update any imagery if it can be improved. Add alt text if needed as well.

Be proud of your older content and improve the user experience for those landing on older content which may not be as flashy and aesthetically pleasing as your current content.

So those are my five simple tips to improve your blog – have any to add? Let me know in the comments!

You can find my Blog Talk video below where I discuss these tips, and you can subscribe to my Youtube channel here.


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