Our Wagamamas Bill Was How Much?!

wagamamas bill

Y’know when you have a hankering for specific food to break the mould of the staple few restaurants you usually choose from for a weekend lunch? That happened last weekend when me and Liam took a trip into Chichester.

We usually opt for GBK or Nandos, because we classy af. However, for a little variety this time we decided to go to Wagamamas. I love Japanese cuisine, and I was so ready to get some gyoza and noodles in my mouth.

After being seated on one of the long benches, we ordered our drinks (I chose cloudy lemonade but then asked for the order to be changed when I discovered the juices menu). Despite changing the order fairly quickly, even after a long wait for the drinks, they still brought out the drink I originally chose before changing my mind. They were nice enough to take it back and change it, but it did strike me as weird that the service was so slow and disorganised when there were not a lot of customers to serve.

Anyway, our drinks arrived (FYI, the fruit juice is amazing), and eventually the starters came too. But one by one, with a big gap between receiving the gyoza I ordered, and the stir fry greens that Liam ordered. Not ideal. Also not ideal was that although the gyoza was nice, some of it clearly wasn’t fully cooked.

I realise what a moany cow I sound here, but you’ll see why when I get to the part when they hand me the receipt.

So, after eating the starters the mains arrive. We both ordered the steak terriyaki – mine with rice noodles, Liam’s with soba. This dish was really pretty tasty, and thankfully the steak was cooked pretty well without being overdone. Thumbs up for this, as we both were impressed with it overall. Nothing mind-blowing, but nice enough.

Fast forward to finishing our food, and I’ve also guzzled down another glass of that delicious fruit juice. We ask for the bill, and we begin talking about how much we had spent that day. Essentially, I had spent £50 less shopping than Liam had, so I made the comment that unless the bill comes to around £50 (noting the unlikeliness of this happening), I would have spent less.

The bill came to £47.90. For lunch. Two starters, two mains, and a total of 3 drinks. At GBK, you can get three starters, two mains, two sides and drinks for around £10 less than that – and you walk out feeling much fuller! Just sayin’.

Maybe to a regular Wagamamas patron this would make sense, but to me I was pretty shocked given that the starters weren’t great and the service was on the shoddy side. Sure, we ordered the steak dishes but they weren’t particularly different in price to many of the other ones on the menu.

I don’t resent paying £50 for a really nice, satisfying lunch experience but paying that for a lunch that was pretty average and service that was half-assed left me feeling quite bitter.

Have you ever eaten at Wagamamas? Do you think the costs are worth it?



  1. September 2, 2016 / 7:45 am

    I would have complained saying I’m not paying that. We went to Bills a few weeks ago and I asked them if it was possible for Edith to have the beans of the breakfast menu as she wouldn’t eat a whole meal for £6.50. They had done it for us before but this time they said no. So this time I didn’t pay the 10% service charge. They didn’t deserve it in my opinion. But maybe I’m just nasty haha!

    • Cat
      September 2, 2016 / 10:23 am

      It was tempting – I opted to not leave a tip when paying by card (my tiny act of rebellion…). I quite like Bills (although they are a bit overpriced!) but that’s really not good to say yes one time ad refuse the other. I only really ever pay the service charge if it’s deserved tbh…and my expectations aren’t particularly high!

  2. Laura
    September 2, 2016 / 9:06 am

    Wagamamas used to be our favourite, but it has gone really downhill in the past year or so. Not sure if it’s a change in management or what but it’s a shame!

    • Cat
      September 2, 2016 / 10:19 am

      I last had it a couple of years ago and I was relatively impressed by it, but that was takeout so could only really compare food quality. It does seem to have gone down a bit which is a shame as there aren’t really any viable alternatives (at least in Chichester) for Japanese food!

  3. September 2, 2016 / 9:52 am

    The staff should warm you that the food comes out as and when it’s ready, so there is likely to be a gap in terms of who gets served when, but I have noticed the Chichester branch is slower generally than other branches! And yes, it is expensive as restaurants go.

    • Cat
      September 2, 2016 / 10:17 am

      I think they warned us about the mains, but not the starters. It’s not a huge deal, for me it was more that the service overall was pretty slow and the gyoza still had a slightly frozen crunch 🙁 I have only ever been to one or two other branches and the service was definitely better. I would probably go again, but maybe in the evening when you would expect the food to be at that sort of price, if that makes sense?

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