A Packed Lunch Salad Recipe That You’ll Love

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greek salad recipe

greek salad olive oil recipe

Salads are underrated, I feel. Often I’ll underrate them, too. But when I’ve got the hankering for a more colourful and healthy lunch, salad is the one and only.

In an attempt to be more organised (and healthy, of course), I recently bought some ingredients to make a tasty Greek salad, and a few extra bits to invent something a little bit ‘unique’ – aka throw together like some sort of scientist or summin’. What can I say? I’m a maverick.

In my infinite kindness, I thought I would share the ‘recipe’ here for you to try it out yourself if you’re ever in a pickle over what to pack in your lunch box. You’re welcome.

Packed Lunch Greek Salad Recipe


1/2 bag mixed leaf salad (or your choice of chopped salad leaves if you aren’t lazy)
1/4 Cucumber
6 small vine tomatoes
1/2 packet of chargrilled vegetable cous cous or whatever cous cous you prefer (I used Tesco’s ready prepared cous cous)
Finely chopped mint
A healthy glug of olive oil
As much feta cheese as you can handle


  1. Add as much salad leaves to your lunch box as you like. Then add some more, cos salad isn’t as filling as we’d all like it to be.
  2. Chop the cucumber into small chunky squares. You can cut the skin off if you prefer but I love the crunch! Throw the squares into the salad leaves.
  3. Slice the vine tomatoes into quarters and marvel over the glorious smell they omit. Mmmm. Then add them to the salad, too.
  4. Finely chop the mint and toss that in with the rest.
  5. Then it’s cous cous time! So good they named it twice. Spoon in as much as you like over the top of the salad.
  6. Next, chop the feta into squares and chuck that in too.
  7. When the salad is ready to eat, pour the olive oil over it, put the lid on the lunch box and give it a good ol’ shake so everything gets coated.

Et voila! One super simple, super tasty kinda Greek slash Moroccan lunch box salad recipe! Just call me Nigella Lawson.


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