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Hey everybody! For those of you who don’t know, I have a little Youtube series called “Blog Talk” where I share my tips for bloggers. I usually aim to post new videos every Wednesday. Head over to my channel and subscribe to stay updated!

Last week’s video was some quick and easy SEO tips for new bloggers. SEO is a hot topic in the blogging world, but I appreciate that not all bloggers will know how to improve their SEO without having to go all technical. So, to make life easy I filmed my top five tips and the video can be found at the bottom of this post.

If you prefer to read than to watch and listen to me blabber on, here are the tips in glorious textual form!

Tip #1 – Create great content!

Obvious I know, but content is so crucial for SEO. Focus your posts around particular topics that will be of interest to your target reader.

Consistency is also key as when search engines such as Google are ‘crawling’ your site looking for content to index. Google love sites that are regularly updated (regularly doesn’t need to be daily – just don’t let your blog go stagnant!). As regular readers will have noticed, I aim to do 2-3 posts a week on my blog, but do what works for you.

Tip #2 – Use keywords naturally

In the days of old, SEO was an easy game to play because it was more focused on the frequency of keywords i.e. how much could you stuff a post with key phrases users would be searching for. Nowadays, you can be penalised for overusing keywords, and the focus is very much more on how relevant your content is to the searchers intent.

To use keywords naturally, avoid stuffing it in where it doesn’t belong. Only use it where it makes sense. Oh, and make sure it’s used in the title of your post, and in the permalink (URL) and meta description where you can. Read your post afterwards to check whether you have used the keyword enough/too much afterwards.

Tip #3 – Use image alt tags

I am so bad for this. I’ve definitely got better but still need to do this more! Image alt tags are basically descriptors that denote what your image is of. Used correctly, your image could rank highly in Google’s image search, driving more traffic to your site. Ideally, you want the focus keyword of your post to be in the alt tag too but it really is key to use alt tags which are actually reflective of the image content. Google doesn’t like to be tricked.

Tip #4 – User experience

User experience now goes hand in hand with SEO. If your site is poorly structured and users are left frustrated and leave, then you’re going to have a bad time. Not only do search engine “spiders” need to be able to navigate your site to index the pages, but more importantly your visitors are less likely to stay on your site if it’s difficult to navigate around.

The best way to ensure your blog is easy to get around is to include categories in your main menu or sidebar, and to do a regular check to ensure you have no broken links (here’s a little post for Talented Talkers that I did on this very topic). Link to other relevant pages within your site to help navigation too. This can also improve your bounce rate!

Tip #5 – Social media is brilliant!

I know I’m definitely not alone in the blogging world when it comes to social media. I love it so much that it’s also my full time job! It’s a fantastic tool for sharing your content, generating backlinks to your site and growing your readership.

Social signals (links from social to your site, and links to your social platforms from your site) are great for SEO. Linking the two shows authenticity to your content and of course also helps to generate traffic both ways.

So there are my five quick and easy SEO tips for you! There are a lot of other tips that I could have included but these are a great starting point if you are new to SEO.

If you’d like to watch my Blog Talk video on this topic, check it out below. Also, head on over to my Youtube channel and click Subscribe if you’d like to be kept up to date when new videos go live!


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