Five Simple Tips For New Bloggers

tips for new bloggers

Oh hey there, chums! Today I wanted to share my top five tips for new bloggers. These may even be useful if you’ve been blogging for a while – who knows.

Starting out in blogging is both incredibly exciting, and also a little daunting. Like many other hobbies, blogging gives you plenty of opportunity to learn a few things, and so these tips are just a taster of the stuff I have learnt over the past 3 or so years that I’ve been oversharing with t’internet.

If you prefer to see me jabber about this topic in a video, scroll on down to the bottom of the post to see just that. If you prefer slightly longer explanations in the form of words, then read on!

TIP #1 – Find other blogs to follow!

When I first started blogging, I hadn’t really “done my research” by reading other blogs first. There’s nothing wrong with this, but on reflection I wish I had done some background reading to help shape what I wanted my blog to be sooner – before I even came up with my blog name and got started.

Naturally, you want your blog to have “an edge”, and it took me a long time to develop my voice and I feel that had I spent more time at the beginning reading other blogs, I may have settled into my blog quicker.

Discovering other blogs is also great for inspiration and blog ideas – just don’t go copying!

To find other blogs to follow, check out Bloglovin. You can find my blog’s profile here.

TIP #2 – Think about your blog name carefully!

Very linked to the above, picking your blog name is much like trying to decide the title of a book. You’ll want to (again) do your research, look at other blog names and make sure the one you want isn’t already taken. It goes without saying, but don’t steal another bloggers name!

Although you will want to give the name a great deal of thought, also remember that you can change the name further down the line if you want to.

TIP #3 – Post whatever you want!

When you first start out blogging, post anything and everything you like. Build up a bank of content, experiment with what you enjoy writing and discover what your readers enjoy reading.

Don’t feel like you need to stick to a particular niche to be successful – more and more blogs are going down the lifestyle route now anyway, as it gives you more creative freedom. However, if you prefer to stick to a niche (i.e. a particular topic that you enjoy writing about the most), then have at it!

TIP #4 – Don’t be led by freebies!

So, everyone has their reasons for blogging and it’s not up to anyone to tell you the right and wrong reasons to blog. HOWEVER, as a slight contradiction to that I must say that you really should try and avoid starting your blogging journey for the freebies. Chances are, you’re going to be disappointed for a while anyway until you build up a good readership/social following.

On top of that, you can sniff out a blog that only exists for freebies and sponsored content a mile away. It’s not a good look, in my humble opinion.

TIP #5 – Keep on truckin’!

With so many blogs out there, it can seem impossible to stand out. I never thought I stood a chance of getting any regular readers (or readers full stop, haha) when I first started out. But although my blog is not one of the “big” ones out there, I am still really proud of the growth it’s had since the beginning.

Whilst you’re still growing your blog and finding an audience, take the opportunity to experiment with your content, tone of voice, photography, design…all those elements can be honed to create something you love!

So there we have it – my tips for new bloggers! If you fancy watching my Youtube video where I talk about these tips, you can check it out below. If you enjoy it, feel free to give it a ‘like’ over on Youtube or subscribe to my channel which can be found here.


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