7 Ways To Help You Recover From A Cold

recover from a cold

I have a terrible immune system. I catch every cold/flu going and I tend to rarely just get the sniffles. It turns into a full blown head cold with that crappy run down feeling thrown in for good measure. I hate getting sick, as we all do, but I also get that horrible guilt when having to take time off to recover.

Having had a few days off recently with a cold, I thought I’d turn a negative situation into a useful post. Well, at least I hope it will be useful anyway! So here’s how I attempt to recover from a cold.

Try and prevent it before it develops

Unfortunately I can rarely do this, because my colds just appear out of nowhere like HEY THERE. But as soon as you start to feel a bit run down, I definitely recommend Vicks First Defence. It’s a nose spray that you squirt up your nozzle as soon as you feel any % lower than 100% and it does occasionally work. Hardly a glowing recommendation I know, but it’s worth a try right?

Sleep loads

It’s boring, but necessary. Luckily I sleep like a baby when I’m sick with several naps throughout the day and still a full 8 hours at night too. That is when you don’t have one of those annoying coughs. If you are struggling to get to sleep when sick, I highly recommend making friends with the sofa, a blanket and a marathon of Come Dine With Me or Four In A Bed…trust me, you’ll soon drop off.

Take Nurofen Cold & Flu

OK I feel I need to take this moment to say I’m not being sponsored by any of these brands to promote their products, I just find them useful. Nurofen Cold & Flu tablets don’t get rid of the cold but they do push down that run down dizzy feeling so it becomes that little bit easier to deal with your day. I always take them when I have a cold, but do bear in mind they will literally only work for a limited time which isn’t always necessarily the full duration between doses.

Read lots

Take the opportunity to read your favourite books, magazines, comics or whatever tickles your fancy. Sometimes watching the TV or going on your laptop requires extra effort and energy so curling up under a blanket and partaking in a digital detox is the perfect cure.

Drink loads of orange juice

I know, I sound like my Mum. But vitamin C is super important when you’re under the weather. It makes a nice change from the gallons of water you need to drink to stop your throat and head from hurting, and tastes amazing with ice.

Keep tissues on you at all times

You never know when your nose will turn into a faucet so soft tissues are essential. If it’s doing the opposite, the Olbas Oil inhaler is a godsend too for unblocking your sinuses.

Don’t rush recovery

My final tip is to not try and rush recovery and get back to everyday life until you are better. You’ll soon feel worse and end up having to take even longer to recover.



  1. September 24, 2016 / 3:35 pm

    Thank you for the tips, I have yet to catch the dreaded office cold but it is slowly doing the rounds at the moment and seems to be ever drawing nearer! I think it will strike pretty soon as most other people have been brought down by it. I usually rest and drink lots of fluids but never orange juice so I will try that next time.


    • Cat
      September 24, 2016 / 7:38 pm

      You’re welcome! Keep safe…in a previous job I was obsessed with avoiding it and even wore a scarf to protect myself when people were talking to me ahahaha x

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