5 Ways Your First Car Is Also Your First True Love

First car

Ah, Nelson. My very first car. I’ve been driving you for just a few months now, and we had a rocky start. I stalled you more times than I dare to count whilst I got used to your nuances. I even bashed your wing mirror once, but we don’t talk about that because I was able to swing it right back into place – good as new.

OH. Remember that time we lightly tapped a car behind us when trying to reverse out of a parking space? Thank the reversing gods that we were going super slow, right?!

Memoriessss, light the corners of my mind…

Most people get their first car when they’re 17 or 18. I got mine at the tender age of 26, and was incredibly lucky and appreciative to get some financial help from my Dad to get a gorgeous little red 2006 Mini One. I knew early on that I would name him after Foggy Nelson (of Nelson & Murdock….from Daredevil). It came from the fact that I’ve already decided to name my future first dog Murdock. Trust me, it all makes sense, and Nelson suits my little red Mini just fine thank you very much.

Although I am not the biggest fan of driving (it’s growing on me a bit more now that I get less anxious about it), I do love Nelson very much and here’s five ruddy good reasons why your first car is pretty much also your first true love.

Your first car gets you from A to B, and back again

The freedom of owning your own car is amazing, and sure you totally could just decide to go on an epic road trip out of the blue but let’s face it – we love our first cars mostly for the ability to get to and from work and social engagements without having to rely on public transport. Words cannot begin to describe how thrilled I am to not have to rely on Southern Fail every weekend anymore. Nelson’s got my back.

It gives you an excuse to go out

Whether it’s to go to the local supermarket for a Krispy Kreme (or two), or just to drive for the sake of driving, your first car makes snack cravings and boredom a thing of the past. It also never judges you when you pick up a Strawberry Cheesecake doughnut as well as a Nutella one. It’s our little secret.

You have more responsibility (but in a good way, honest)

Owning a car and everything that comes with that – from keeping it in general good condition, to driving with care – is a big responsibility without the bigger, longer term commitments that come from other responsibilities like pets or babies. Sure, you want to keep your first car for a few years at least, but you don’t have to nurture it for 18 years and pay for it to go to University. Nelson knows our relationship isn’t going to last forever, but he still does his best to drive like a dream (especially at high speed!).

It makes excellent storage space

As I type this post, I know that there are 2 pairs of shoes, several carrier bags and a water bottle in my car. That’s just the stuff I remember is in there. I used to be amazed at how messy my friend’s cars would get until I owned one. It won’t be long until a stray food wrapper or two ends up in there, I reckon. Nelson doesn’t even mind how messy I let him get.

You can customise it to make your first car yours 

I mean, don’t go crazy. I’ve just bought a 3D Batman bat signal decal for Nelson and I am hyped to stick it on the back. You can also get air fresheners, dashboard accessories…the whole caboodle! Not to mention things like snazzy wheels and seats. Because your first car is generally going to be a pretty old one, there’s not so much pressure to keep it as it was when you first bought it to retain its value. Pimp yo’ ride.

Is/was your first car the first love of your life? 



  1. August 22, 2016 / 4:23 pm

    I recently got my first car, so can totally relate. Also at the age of 26 (well, nearly. I’m 26 in a few weeks!) I love my car. I recently bought a cat rear windscreen decal and love buying different air fresheners to keep the inside of Ralph smelling nice! And the reliability of a car (except for when it goes wrong…) ah you can’t beat it! x

    • Cat
      August 23, 2016 / 11:31 pm

      Lol Ralph, love it! I have a car freshener but I just found it got in the way so it’s stashed on the shelf in front of the passengers seat now (along with the remnants of my ‘P’ plates!) x

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