A (Very) Nerdy Primark Clothes Haul


Before Saturday, I don’t remember the last time I went into Primark and actually bought something rather than storming out in frustration that it was busy, the queues were long and there was nothing to buy.

But visiting the Portsmouth store at the weekend with Liam resulted in picking up quite a few clothes with a pretty nerdy theme – as you can tell. I’m a sucker for anything Batman and Marvel, but I was also suckered in to a little bit of Jurassic Park and Adventure Time merch.

So what did I get?

Marvel Pyjama Shorts

LOOK AT THAT PRINT. LOOK AT IT.  I love it. I am all about the Marvel character prints on anything (still holding out for some soft joggers in that print so hook a nerd up if you find any please?). These shorts are a nice thin material with a thicker waistband like jogging bottoms and a cute red bow. With the hotter weather I much prefer wearing shorts to bed than long PJ bottoms so these can definitely stay.

These were only £4 which I thought was insanely cheap and they fit really nicely. I got mine in a size M (10-12) and they are nice and comfortable with room for post-pizza bloat. Which is very important in the pyjama buying process, obviously.

Batman Pyjama Top

So you’ll notice that most of the things I got are nightwear related. That isn’t because I am lacking in pyjamas, it’s just because Liam kept pointing them out and I couldn’t resist. The slogan on this top is perfect for me, as a lover of Batman and a connoisseur of naps.

I think this one may be my favourite purchase, as it’s nice and baggy and fits more like a nightshirt than a top. It’s quite thin material so again ideal for the warmer weather, and at only £6, I’d highly recommend.

Adventure Time Pants

Hands up if you always have a look at the pants in Primark. Yeah, me too. I usually go for ‘nicer’ pants, but every once in a while you want some cute boy short ones with a cartoon dog on, am I right?

I think Adventure Time is genius and Jake is one of the best characters on it, so these easily made the cut. Plus, they were only £2.50, so it’d be silly not to buy them.

Jurassic Park Top

So briefly moving away from clothes to sleep in, I also picked up this Jurassic Park tee for £8. I still have one they had at Primark a year or so ago which had a purpley camo pattern, but it’s gone all bobbly and faded, so I liked the look of this upgrade, with the traditional green camo colours.

It’s a bit on the baggy side, given my short stature, but it’ll go great with some jeans or long shorts.

Batman Pyjama Shorts

Last but not least, my second pj shorts purchase was these Batman ones which match the nightshirt. They both have the 60’s Bat logo on it which I love, and these shorts are so ridiculously comfy.

These are made of a slightly thicker material than the Marvel ones, with the same style of waistband, and were only £1 more than the other pair (so £5).

I’m genuinely super impressed about my finds, and how little each cost as official licensed items as well. Primark had loads more nerdy bits and pieces on their clothing, nightwear and lingerie ranges so I definitely suggest you head to your local store and snap them up before they’re gone.



  1. July 26, 2016 / 8:23 am

    Ahhh, jealous! The Cornwall Primark was supposed to open earlier this year but I’m still waiting 🙁

    • Cat
      July 27, 2016 / 9:27 pm

      Oh that sucks! Hopefully it will open soon! x

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