Life Lately: The One With New Glasses

Life Lately New Glasses

I know I said it in my recent monthly faves post, but how is it already July? I can’t even.

Life lately has been a bit hectic and has included a minor car crash (thankfully not in Nelson the Mini – and not me behind the wheel!) and the usual plethora of food that is preventing me from shifting the pounds.

It’s also involved a lot more driving than usual, going back and forth from Liam’s which is about an hour’s drive. It’s actually been really good for me I think, as it’s allowed me to feel more confident in my driving. Speaking of driving, I should probably tell you about the car crash, huh?

Recently we had a work event at Mercedes-Benz World (which will explain the gorgeous dreamy classic car, bottom right). On the way there, in fact less than five minutes away, our driver had a crash. Luckily it was nothing serious, but it definitely added some drama to the day! It admittedly made me a little wary of my own driving, but in a good way really as it made me realise that fender benders happen all the time and that you learn from them, whether you’re the driver or not.

Onto cheerier things from that day – we did some team building stuff and also got to have a tour of Mercedes-Benz World, finding out about the history of the company and looking at some really amazing cars. The red beauty above was a highlight. I’m not really a big car fan but the history was really interesting and the classic cars were amazing. Another clear highlight of the day was the most amazing gooey brownie-like cookies that were on offer. Oh, mumma.

Speaking of food, because I am acing these segways, I’ve now lost count of the amount of GBK’s chicken skewers that I’ve allowed into my life. Honestly, they taste incredible – especially with the chilli mayo that comes with them. Oh, mumma all over again. Liam clearly did not approve of having to wait whilst I took a photo of them – anyone else’s other halves resent your need to Instagram food?

The next link is going to be a little tenuous, so bear with…another blogging cliche has got to be that #StarbucksLife. I was working in Chichester earlier this week and I got into town early one day and decided to be a complete and utter embarrassing cliche by doing some blogging admin in Starbucks with a tea and some breakky. Gotta be honest, I don’t get the hype. The lighting was horrible and it was noisy despite being fairly empty. The tea was pretty good though.

So I’m not even going to try and connect Gary the seagull with the rest of these images. I just felt he needed to be there. For anyone who doesn’t follow me on Twitter/IG or may have missed the tales of Gazza, he’s a seagull that likes to chill out on the garden table at my parent’s house. He waits there until he gets fed, flies off and comes back shortly after for his next feeding. My parents only have themselves to blame as they always give in to his cold, dead eyes and the little dance he does on the table to signal that it’s time for food.

Oh, and finally…yeah, I’ve got new glasses. Pretty ace, huh? I’ve also got some sunnies as well and yes, I did get Ray Bans. Not even ashamed. I’ve had to go back and forth to the optician though as the prescription hasn’t been quite right – I’m hoping they’ll be fixed real soon as I cannot wait much longer to be able to wear them!

What have you been up to lately?



  1. July 7, 2016 / 12:10 pm

    Love your new glasses! My OH does so not get my need to Instagram food before we eat! Haha. x

    • Cat
      July 9, 2016 / 11:31 am

      Thank you! I’m getting used to them now and absolutely love them <3 Liam kind of understand the need, he just gets impatient 😛 x

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