Monthly Favourites: June 2016

monthly favourites june 2016

Oh June, where you go? I know I say it every ruddy month, but the days really have sped by this month. Although June hasn’t been the busiest of months, it has been peppered with goodness, so let’s take a look at my favourite things about this month.

taking: time off. At the beginning of the month, we both took some time off work to spend together. Liam was still recovering from jet lag for his work trip to the US, so the most active day we had was a trip up to London for some comic book shopping. We also went into Chichester a few times and saw X-Men Apocalypse which was totally not worth it, as well as The Nice Guys which totally was worth it.

sorting: my life out. I’m trying to be more productive and more creative at the moment. I’m taking an online course and also doing some other writing as well as keeping this blog updated. It keeps me busy but also energises me and makes me eager to not waste my evenings on Netflix marathons. I’m hoping to keep this up and ride against the inevitable exhaustion!

using: buffer. You may have seen a post I recently did about how I improved my Twitter referral traffic by using a WordPress plugin which automatically tweeted my posts (if not, it’s *here*). As useful as the plugin has been, I am trying to find the time to promote my content more manually so the updates have a bit more personality. Hopefully this will mean more people click through to check out the post! I definitely still think there’s room for that sort of automation, but when I do have the time to do it more manually, I prefer it.

reading: more comics! So I reached peak nerd and now have my own pull list at CGC. After Free Comic Book Day, I was enticed into reading single issue comics, so having a pull list means they put new issues of series aside for me. I’ve discovered some great new series like Black Eyed Kids (B.E.K) and Night Trap. I was also given a loan of V For Vendetta which is awesome!

watching: Banshee. Has anyone seen this show? Oh my god, it’s so good. You have to suspend your disbelief a bit as it can get a bit ridiculous but it is SO intense. I can’t even watch more than one episode at a time because so much goes on that my tiny mind is blown. Unfortunately it’s not on Netflix, but the DVD/Bluray artwork covers are so cool that you should buy season 1 immediately.

also watching: Outcast. So Outcast is a new show based off of a Robert Kirkman comic (same guy who created The Walking Dead). I’ve read the comic to date and have really enjoyed it. The show is pretty decent, but feels a bit slow at the moment as it’s not got a lot of comic material to go from so far. Hopefully it’ll pick up as more issues get created!

drinking: raspberry and mango Rekorderlig. HOLY MOLY. It’s like summer in a glass. You can mostly taste the raspberry, but it’s so light and refreshing.

starting: slimming world, again. I know, I know. I’m the worst. But I’m really going to try much harder this time to keep it up! If you’re a blogger who is on SW, I’m trying to set up a Whatsapp group so DM me your number on Twitter!

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  1. July 1, 2016 / 3:11 pm

    I can’t believe it’s July already, either! This year is going too fast.Good luck with Slimming World 🙂

    • Cat
      July 12, 2016 / 5:52 pm

      I know right?! I can’t believe it’s the 12th today…time has gone so quickly…before we know it it’ll be August! x

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