Guess what’s back, back again? Yep! Some more mini spoiler-free reviews for you of the latest films I’ve seen at the cinema, plus the films I’m most looking forward to seeing next! Flatliners So uh, this is awkward. I genuinely totally forgot I’d watched this film. Which probably tells you enough about what I thought of it! It felt to me like it didn’t know what it wanted to be as it tries to incorporate horror elements that to me didn’t really work. The original Flatliners movie isn’t particularly great anyway, but in comparison to this “reboot”, it was a… View Post

  C’mon lads, let’s admit that we’ve all had some pretty toxic feelings around blogging. Whether that’s feeling like we aren’t good enough or that the community is circle-jerking left, right and centre, these feelings aren’t at all constructive and we need to shut that shit down. Here’s legit toxic feelings around blogging that I’ve had in the past. Shame me if you will, but I bet you’ve had them too… “Why can’t I look as good as that blogger?” YEP. This ol’ chestnut. That niggling insecurity when my insta timeline or blog feed is filled with beautiful pictures of beautiful bloggers… View Post

Isn’t Halloween ACES? The way we celebrate it is pretty tame compared to the US, but I’m all about watching a scary movie or two on Halloween night… Snuggling up with some popcorn or the sweets you were meant to reserve for trick or treaters, and preparing yourself for a scare – now that’s living it up on All Hallow’s Eve. BUT! Before we pick our all important film choices for the occasion, it’s important to get the atmosphere just right to make it truly creepy… The TV Whether its a slasher classic, or a ghost story – a good horror movie… View Post

God I hate that picture. But it was the best of a bad bunch and I feel like I haven’t shown my face around here lately. There’s only so many flatlays or things held in front of walls that you guys should be objected to. So instead, here’s me posing in the garden in my favourite jacket and not feeling 100% great about the extra weight that seems to have appeared out of nowhere. OK, it’s not nowhere exactly. It’s Sainsbury’s microwave Belgian chocolate puddings combined with a lack of gym trips due to a dodgy af knee that just decides… View Post

I am by no means a vlogging expert – not even a bit. But when Vikki asked me on Twitter what kit I used for my vlogs, I figured it might actually be of interest to a few people. Ya never know. There are two pieces of equipment that I feel you really do need as a vlogger. A camera (duh), and a tripod. You don’t have to have soft boxes, fancy microphones or other audio visual kit. The simpler the better, and the more transportable if you vlog on the go! Of course, this is just my opinion and a more… View Post