Ahhh! I’m excited about this one. After a few days of setting things up and making sure it’s just right, I am pleased to announce that I have created a new blogging community where bloggers can chat together, share ideas, ask questions and no longer be confined to 140 characters on Twitter! Where can you find this blogging community? It’s on… View Post

I’ve been a gym-goer since the beginning of the year and although I’m not the most consistent with my gym trips, I go a fair amount. Because of this there are certain things that really, really bother me when I do go along for a workout… #GymCouples Those who work out together, probably stay together or some BS like that but I cringe whenever I… View Post

OK. So a little while ago I did a blog post all about how I’d never be a fashion blogger. I stick by those words. But I have to admit, I do enjoy doing a post with actual photos of me in it. Not because I’m hella conceited (cos lol, really?!), but because I think having more of *me* on *my* blog… View Post

Hey gang! How’s it going? I mean, aside from the election result and that we’re still living in a divided country/world. Aside from that, good I hope. Today I’m going to ramble at you about the importance of being selfish. Yep. You gotta do it sometimes. Personally, I feel like marking a ballot paper is not a time to be selfish because… View Post

Being a blogger is more than just typing up a post or two and snapping a photo to go with it. So much more. The post needs tweaking until you’re happy, the photos need editing to fit the overall aesthetic and that’s not even mentioning all the promotion on social media we have to schedule in! It’s a lot, but… View Post