If you’ve miraculously managed to avoid Twitter the past few days as a blogger, then you may have missed some dramz. I’m not here to talk about that though because lol I did enough of that in high school to last a lifetime. However, I am here to talk about the fundamental issue behind it… the idea that there could possibly be “rights” and “wrongs” behind blogging. If you ask me, there’s only one thing that you could do that you definitely shouldn’t do as a blogger. Let me flatlay it out for you. It’s to never downplay or disrespect other people and their worth. Blogger or… View Post

So, I’m going to try starting this post at midnight on a Friday night. I’m full of Chinese food and Liam is playing Crash Bandicoot in the background which I feel like might not be the ideal setting for writing a blog post but let’s see how it goes, shall we? I’ve been pretty darn fortunate recently that on the most part, I’m feeling like the best version of myself and so the timing of writing a post about picking yourself back up when you feel down might be ever so slightly off? But I’m also thinking that writing this sort of… View Post

Success doesn’t have to be more followers, a payrise or promotion. It doesn’t have to be measured by the things you own, the career ladder you’re climbing or the friends you keep. Success can be the ability to get out of bed each day and know that you are improving. You might not feel that way every day, but steps backwards are a new opportunity to take steps forwards tomorrow. OK, so even that made me gag a little with the cheesiness, but let’s face it…we all love those postcards with the motivational slogans. I don’t know why I’m so… View Post

OK, so I realise not everyone has Photoshop but if you do, then this is for you. Especially if like me, you simply cba to learn the really advanced tools that Photoshop has to offer, and you just want to edit your blog and IG photos without needing a Masters degree in precision. Full disclaimer: this advice is 100% amateur and best suited for those like me who just want to make minor edits rather than anything too complex! These are just simple tips and tricks that I’ve picked up. You may already know them, or if you’re like the 6-months-ago version… View Post

HOLY MOLY YOU GUYS! I’ve only gone and got myself shortlisted for a #BloggersBlogAwards blogging award! Me! To say I was surprised to be shortlisted is no hyperbole. Whilst I was aware a few people had nominated me, to be one of the five shortlisted is a proud moment tbh. Super proud. Why? Because I’ve worked really hard on this blog over the years, and my posts about blogging (blog tips etc) are some of the ones I’ve worked hardest on. My Google Analytics posts in particular take a lady ball-achingly long time to put together. But it’s worth it… View Post