A Miniature Asda Homeware Haul

Asda Homeware Mint Green Duck Egg

So y’know what’s not so great about being a ‘millennial’? (Well, other than being called a millennial)… It’s being convinced you’ll never be able to afford your own home.

The cost of buying a decent property just seems completely unobtainable and like I may have to rob a bank one day just to be able to have the sort of lifestyle older generations take for granted.

But anyway, I digress and have made things a little too serious for an introduction to what is essentially a post about HEY LOOK AT THESE THINGS I BOUGHT.

Asda, in my opinion, is underrated as a homeware haven. You can take your fancy pants department stores and designer labels and shove it, because I’m all about prettying up my room without spending a fortune. Y’know, so I can stash those pennies away instead in the hope of being able to afford to crawl, grasping for dear life, onto the property ladder.

On a recent trip to my local Asda, I found myself aimlessly wandering around the homeware section, clearly putting off the boring parts of food shopping which is about 99% of it. I’m always surprised at the amount of nice things available in the range, and was particularly impressed with the number of minty green bits that would look perfect in my room.

Before I knew it, the £12 striped bed spread made its way into the trolley. This will be my third minty green bedspread and I’m not even sorry. They had others in the same colour and it took a lot of willpower not to grab those too. The colour is described as duck egg, but that’s clearly just a trendier way of saying mint green.

Next in the trolley was the £3 bowl. You know when you pick something up and you’re not sure what you’re going to use it for but it feels important for you to own it? That is this bowl. Luckily it was the perfect size for me to store my makeup bits in, so really I totally needed it and thank the seven gods I was smart enough to pick it up. High five if you got the Game of Thrones reference there.

Finally, the mug really needs no introduction. I also don’t need any more mugs, but that couldn’t stop me from picking up this ornate looking stunner. This was also £3, and now houses receipts and pens and spare buttons, because you can never have enough containers for random things that don’t really have a proper home. If the cupboard wasn’t absolutely bursting with mugs right now (hi, obsession), then it would totally be my number one choice for a cup of tea.

Have you bought any Asda homeware before, or are you eyeing anything up at the moment? Let me know in the comments!

Soap & Glory Archery Eyebrow Pencil & Brush Review

soap & glory archery eyebrow pencil review

Whodda thunk that eyebrows would ever become trendy? More importantly, whodda thunk I’d ever care?

But recently, I’ve been on a bit of a quest to find a good product to fill out my brows. Partly because I’m trying to grow them out a bit, and also because with the very mild form of trichotillomania that I have, they have been a bit patchy for a long time.

My quest begun when I found out that Elle Magazine were giving away free samples of one of Benefit’s new eyebrow products, the Goof Proof pencil. After some deliberation (much to Liam’s chagrin as I kept asking him whether I should get it), I decided to pick up the magazine on the off chance that even if I didn’t like the product, I might find something interesting to read. I was wrong on both counts. The product was crap, and the magazine was worse.

So, after that catastrophe, on a recent trip into town I decided to head to the Soap & Glory stand in Boots (I love their Kickass concealer so figured why the hell not?) and came across their Archery range, in particular a double-ended brow product with a wind up pencil on one end, and brush on the other. I ended up going for the Hot Chocolate shade, as it seemed to be the darkest and my brows are almost gothic.

soap & glory archery filler pencil

Soap & Glory Archery Pencil

The pencil looked pretty much the same as the Benefit one in terms of texture (although the Goof Proof has a tapered shape, supposedly for helping to fill the brow better), but when swatching the tester product on my hand, the S&G product texture was so much better. It was smoother, and was easier to create strokes rather than having to press down hard and ending up with a mess. Although the shade is a little bit lighter than my natural brow colour, it means that the effect when filling in my brows is much softer and doesn’t make me look aggressive. RESULT.

I like the wind up option over a standard pencil because you don’t need to rely on sharpening it, and it’s less crumbly than a normal pencil. After use, you can also wind the pencil back down to prevent any damage.

soap & glory archery eyebrow brush

Soap & Glory Archery Brush

Let’s talk about dat brush tho. The material is the same as a mascara brush, so a little ‘harsher’ than some eyebrow pencil brushes which tend to be soft bristles and almost completely useless.

As these bristles are tougher, they really do help move the hairs into position and also to blend the pencil shading in better. I use the brush before and after application of the pencil in order to keep it looking neat and tidy.

So, what’s the result? Have a look at my little face and see for yourself!

soap & glory archery eyebrow pencil results

P.S. I can neither confirm or deny that I had a crumb from a Dairylea Dunker on my lip that I had to Photoshop out.

So if you’re looking for an eyebrow pencil that’s dead easy to use and doesn’t make you look like a thug, then I definitely recommend checking out Soap & Glory Archery.

15 Truths We Don’t Like To Admit As Bloggers

Bloggers truths

I’ve been a blogger for a while now, and I feel like over that time there are certain things about being a blogger that often go unspoken. Secrets we keep so as not to come across as a “bad blogger”, or not quite fitting the mould of what a blogger is “supposed” to be.

It’s time to break the silence, shout it from the rooftops – or y’know, write a listicle about it on my blog. So soz guys, I’m spilling the beans.

1 / We don’t always find the time to actually read other blogs. It’s not because we don’t want to, it’s just the small amount of time we do have around full time jobs and a social life is being dedicated to keeping our own blogs updated.

2 / We also don’t always enjoy blogging. Hands up if you’ve ever actually begrudged blogging a little bit? Coming up with content ideas, writing and taking photographs…sometimes we just don’t feel like doing it.

3 / Not all content makes the cut. Sometimes we might create a post that sits in our drafts for months or even ends up getting deleted. What seemed like a good idea at the time just lost its oomph.

4 / We can’t always help the comparisons. As the expression goes – comparison is the thief of joy. But sometimes it’s damn near impossible not to compare our blog to another.

5 / Sometimes we want to complain. I may be painting us as a right miserable bunch, but sometimes we need to vent a bit about blogging. Whether it’s to other bloggers, to our partners or friends, if we didn’t moan we’d explode.

6 / A good opportunity can make our day. As much as blogging (for the majority of the community) is not about the PR opps, a decent collaboration offer is a way of saying we’ve made it, in our own little way.

7 / Occasionally, we leave the camera at home on purpose. Maybe this is just me, but there are times when you want to do something, go somewhere or eat something that isn’t chronicled on your blog with 598449 photos to edit to go with it.

8 / Personal photo editors should be a thing. Speaking of photo editing, I can’t be the only one who gets a bit fed up of going through over 50 photos of the same thing from different angles for the best shot. Can someone do it for me? I’ll pay with doughnuts or something.

9 / We’re embarrassed of our older content. I very rarely go back to look at my earliest posts. I want to forget that my photography was ever awful. I want to think my blog has always been at its peak.

10 / Sorry we don’t always catch the typos. No matter how many times I read a post through before (and after) publishing it, I don’t spot the mistakes.

11 / We don’t always have the same interests. There’s certain blogger tropes and trends that crop up occasionally that anyone outside the community might think all bloggers are into, but we’re actually a pretty diverse bunch. You can take your Michael Kors bags and matte lipsticks, I’ll take my comics and cheesecake thanks.

12 / Our flat lays are the only organised part of our rooms. Can I get a HELL YEAH from any fellow bloggers that have to be very selective about where to take their photos due to copious mess and clutter in every other square inch of the room?

13 / We feel a bit lost without social media. Twitter, in particular, is our lifeblood. It’s how we keep in touch with fellow bloggers and feel less alone in the world.

14 / We often blog in our pyjamas. Yup. It’s comfy and convenient, OK?

15 / We also don’t all have a swanky blogging office. Sitting in bed is just as effective as your average Pinterest-friendly office.

Elemis Biotec Range Review

Elemis biotec range review

I’ll be honest, I’m not usually much of one for trying out luxury brand skincare. I tend to stick with what I know (which is predominantly The Body Shop, which regular readers will be very aware of). However, when The Beauty Expert reached out to me and asked if I wanted to review some new products from Elemis, I thought “why the hell not?”. Check out my unboxing video here.

Elemis is a luxury spa and skincare brand with a huge range of products – so I felt pretty silly that I hadn’t heard of them before getting involved in the campaign. They were not on my radar at all, but I am pleased to have been introduced to them via the Biotec range. Let’s get stuck in to my thoughts on the products, shall we?

Elemis Biotec Skin Energising Cleanser

The first product is the wash-off cleanser which claims to be deep cleansing to reduce impurities and rebalance your skin. It also claims to leave the skin fresh and energised. You apply 2-3 pumps onto your hand, lather it with water and cleanse your face before rinsing it off.

The good news is, it’s an easy product to use and it isn’t too heavy on the skin so it’s easy to rinse off. It also makes your skin feel really nice and smooth after use. The bad news is that it smells pretty bad, which is a bit of a turn off. It also doesn’t work quite as hard as other cleansers I have used to rid your face of all dirt/makeup.

I’m going to keep using this product because of how nice my skin does feel afterwards, but I will have to continue to also use a cream cleanser and toner to make sure my face is squeaky clean.

Rating: 2.5/5

Elemis Biotec Skin Energising Day Cream

This moisturising cream is designed to create a smooth, youthful complexion – which in all fairness, I can agree with. My skin felt more plump and smooth after using it, and although I don’t think I need to be worrying about the age my skin looks just yet, I can definitely see the benefit of this cream.

It’s nice and light, and whilst the perfumed smell of the cleanser lingers a little bit within this cream too, it’s more subtle and bearable. The texture of the cream is quite thin but not watery, and it spreads evenly with little effort.

Rating: 3.5/5

Elemis Biotec Skin Energising Night Cream

I love a good night cream, I do. I love how you can just slap it on, fall asleep and wake up with lovely soft skin. This product makes the same claims as above, that much lusted after youthful smooth skin, but I feel like the night cream definitely delivers the most on this promise.

The cream is a bit richer than the day equivalent, but it absorbs easily into the skin without leaving any greasy residue you get with some night creams. Again, the smell is not amazing but is luckily subtle enough to not be a distraction.

When you wake up the next day, skin is nice and soft and silky. Again, it feels plumped and “energised” as promised!

Rating: 4/5 

Overall, I would recommend giving this range a try if you are looking to get softer, smoother skin. I will definitely keep using these products, but I think that only the creams would be a repurchase for me.

Watch my review on Youtube:

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me by Beauty Expert in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own.

The Easiest Chicken Chorizo Salad You’ll Ever Make

chicken chorizo salad

By far, the best savoury duo of flavours is the humble chicken and chorizo combo. Don’t fight me on this because I’m right. They just go perfectly together like Jim and Pam from The Office or Brienne and Tormund from Game of Thrones. It’s fate, you guys.

So on Sunday evening when I needed a light dinner after a pretty big lunch, I decided to throw together this little beaut of a salad using what I had in the fridge which turned out to be sliced chorizo, chargrilled chicken pieces, some sweet drop tomatoes and some salad. This took at most five minutes to put together so is ideal if you would much rather spend your time binging Netflix and reading blogs than making dinner. FYI, this was basically my inspiration for this dish.

I can’t really call this dish a recipe as it requires next to zero effort to create. All I did was add the tomatoes and torn up chorizo slices to a small frying pan with some olive oil and heat them up so that the tomatoes were a little bit soft (and had soaked up some smoky chorizo goodness), and the chorizo was a little bit crispy. It was a stroke of genius, if I say so myself. I don’t really like the taste of raw tomatoes so always like to soften them a bit before eating them. Is that weird?

Whilst that incredibly technical cooking was going on, I chucked a couple of handfuls of salad leaves into a bowl, drizzling a teeny tiny amount of olive oil over the leaves and mixing together. Next, once the tomatoes were a little squidgy and the chorizo was suitably crisp, I poured them over the top, making sure to also drizzle the remaining oil in the pan on top.

Then of course, I took about a million photos trying to get the flat lay to work and this was the best of the bunch. But more importantly, the salad tasted amazing and I think you should definitely give it a go on a lazy warm night when you simply cba.

Bon appetit!

chicken chorizo salad recipe