…And we’re back again for another edition of WIBW! mother! I knew nothing about this movie before seeing it except who was in it – I hadn’t even seen a trailer. Even if I had, I don’t think I would have been any less confused by the time the end credits had rolled. This film is strange, confusing and towards the end it gets very dark. It’s not an easy watch by any stretch but the performance from Jennifer Lawrence is absolutely incredible. Liam and I spent a good hour trying to dissect our thoughts on mother! after we saw it and… View Post

So if you’ve been checking out my blog/Twitter/Insta recently, you’ll know that I’m now officially a freelance copywriter! HURRAH! It’s something I’ve wanted to do for some time now and it feels good to say that it’s finally happening. It’s still scary (I was thinking of vlogging my first week as a freelancer but on the very first day I had a meltdown over something to do with tax), but I’m determined to make it work! Even the vlogging thing maybe, once I’m more settled and can potentially provide more value than me crying over working out a complicated contract.… View Post

It seems apt that in my first week as a freelancer I should share with you guys the journey of how I got my first clients and how that has ultimately led me to the point where I could quit my job and become my own boss (which totally, totally still feels surreal). A few people asked on Twitter how I got to this point too, so hopefully I can shed some light on it – obviously with the caveat that there is no “right”  or guaranteed way of getting clients as a freelancer that works for everyone, this is just… View Post

HI GANG! Sorry for shouting but as I type this it’s a Tuesday night and it’s all I can do keep myself *awake*. The days are starting to get that little bit darker and I’m ngl, the change in daylight has a pretty instant effect on me. So I’ve been blogging here on more about cat since 2013 and for better or worse, I have made a lot of decisions to attempt to steer this little slice of internet in the “right” direction. Not all of those decisions turned out to be good ones. So for a little bit of fun,… View Post

THIS IS MY LAST WEEK AS A FULL TIME EMPLOYEE, YOU GUYS. Quitting your job and saying to yourself “hey, I’m going to go it alone and see if I can be a successful freelancer” is bloody terrifying, tbh. Anyone who says they 100% knew it was the right decision and that they were completely worry-free in making that decision is a damn liar. There are a lot of things to think about before taking the leap, and you can agonise over them until the cows come home or you can accept that it’s totally normal to do things that… View Post